9 Top Anime People in Fort Collins Like

You have some precious times before the holidays are over. You might be staying in any part of the country but here in Fort Collins, 9 months of dark clouds awaits. Anyways, coming to the main point, here is a list of 9 anime that you should be watching right now.

Serial Experiments Lain


Set in a world close to reality in a strange way. The phenomenon explained in the series drew heads half-decade later. The series theme is based on communication and isolation. Lain has troubles dealing with his outside world whenever he goes to school. The series have given life to technology. The designing of the characters is done by Yoshitoshi ABe, who has shown his excellent work in Texhnolyze and Haibane Renmei.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica’s Labyrinths

The wired series made by Inu curry sets around the witch’s world. We witness Madoka Magica in the first episode of the series and received the impact. At the start of the series we see many magical girls putting the base of the series. Madoka finds herself in the middle of the witch’s lair and the extraordinary world made by Inu Curry’s come into being. The theme of the anime is psychological and cryptic that keeps the audience interested from the start.


People can argue over this anime series as it portrays some gruesome and chilling scenes. It might disturb some audience, but hardcore fans can enjoy it. The series is designed with care, with neat details on human faces when displaying emotions. The series will not find its place with typical fans of anime; it will be well accepted by the adult fans. The series never made it to stateside. It portrays everything romance, action and horror.



Naruto’s fighting, good storyline and stunning arts are one of the most favorites in Fort Collins. The story starts with a ninja village being attacked by a monster named Kyuubi (Nine-Tailed Demon Fox). When the villagers are in danger, the Fourth Hokage (leader of the village) seals Kyuubi by sacrificing his life and his son Naruto. It is a very creative and well done story and arts. By the way, let’s take a look at the Naruto Shippuden filler list. This list is a must have to prevent filler episodes which hated by lots of people.



The series is a similar to Uta Koi but is more committed. It is designed in a beautiful way; each layer is made in pastel palette with blocked texture. The scenes appear to be sketched on rice paper, which makes the show blend in Japanese art. The show presents symbolism occasionally which enlightens its scenes. The series never launched in stateside and Ayakashi (its predecessor) was released in 2007. The staffs behind the art Yumi Hosaka, Takashi Hashimoto and Takashi Kurahashi are working on Toei’s Kyousogiga new project.

Revolutionary Girl Utena: The Movie


The movie sometimes is not appreciated by fans. It might be confusing for the fans who watch the movie first and the series later, as the movie refers to plots in the series. Ikuhara created the film as celebration for the series and made it work beautifully. The film is designed so well over all that it becomes hard to select a defining moment. The ending has gone a little off and characterization is not well, but apart from that the movie is beautiful.



The director’s style to quickly change the angles and use of flashy colors, the knit symbols are becoming his signature with every growing work of his. Akiyuki Shinbo has many great works and it was hard to decide which one would fit here best, but I finally decided to go with Bakemonogatari. The series’ art is focused on geometric-style backgrounds, dark and full lighting. The series displays repetitive shapes which takes the audience into the characters pasts. Bakemonogatari is well designed and presented and has a unique touch.

Dead Leaves


The debut work of Imaishi and designed by Imaitoonz, the 50min long film is a kind of action and comedy film that represents the director’s style. The art include black shading, dark color scheme and the plot is based in post- apocalyptic world. The visuals of the film display comedy as the main character head in a TV.



The final complete work of Satoshi Kon is a well prepared psychological themed film with finely drawn arts with complete details and submerge environments. The visual cues of the anime disclose many things about the psyche, relationships and motivations of the characters. The anime takes place in dreams where the lead character is seen in the mind of mentally ill. The animation is designed so well with an amazing story. The industry has lost Kon but his work will stay alive.